Cunial: physical and verbal attack is a very serious act, we are in a dictatorship

Rome, Jan. 21 – “What happened this morning in front of the Court of Cassation is very serious. Men in uniform physically and violently opposed a group of free citizens, who peacefully and legitimately wanted to express their dissent by filing a complaint against the Government’s decisions to limit constitutional and supranational rights. Several lawyers in gown and myself, as a democratically elected member of parliament, were verbally and physically attacked, as evidenced by several videos, by the very forces of law and order that should instead protect and safeguard the Italian people, their rights and the Constitution,” said the congresswoman Sara Cunial, this morning in front of the Court of Cassation in Rome, along with hundreds of lawyers in gown, to express their dissent, through a formal act, against the further serious constitutional illegality of the last Covid emergency decree-laws.

“We have been victims of criminal treatment, while the real criminals are deciding the future of this country – continues Cunial – this is called dictatorship. And all those who, with or without a uniform, stand by helplessly while our rights, as well as our bodies, are trampled, are cowardly accomplices. Once again, however, the attack we suffered has not prevented us from achieving our goal: we have delivered the complaint to the counters of the Court of Cassation – concludes Cunial – We will continue to act in defence of the Constitution by replacing the current justice system, because this is what free citizens of a democratic state do: they continue to fight even for those who, at this time, are trying in every way to humiliate our Constitution and our beloved country”.